United Soccer Solutions

USS FUTSAL starts Sunday November 20th and will run for 10 weeks at St Margaret's school.

U8/9 Boys and Girls 9-10 am
U10/11 Boys and Girls 10-11 am
U12/13 Boys and Girls 11-12 pm

Program will be recreational in style. Teams and Individuals may register. Cost is $100 per player/tshirt included. Players will be split into 4 teams to have balanced games. Max 40 registrations spots per hour.

Players will warm up for 10 mins working on skills then play a game. Two 20 min halves.

November 20, 27
December 4, 11, 18
January 8, 15, 22, 29
February 12th (Last Session)

Note* No Sessions February 5th

League Rules

  1. The USS Futsal league was created for the players to have a fun and safe place to develop their skills 
  2. All players are to be present at least 10 minutes before the game and wait upstairs until scheduled start time,  in uniform: shirt, socks, shorts and shin guards (shin guards are mandatory)
  3. Players must be registered and paid in full before they will be able to play (no exceptions)
  4. 5 players on court (4 plus a goalie) and max 7 on bench
  5. Two 20 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime shall be played each game.
  6. Subs on the fly but must be done from the teams designated area (player must be off the field before new player may enter) 
  7. All kicks ins to be done with the foot , no throw-ins
  8. Kick-offs may be played backwards
  9. When a ball goes out on the side, opposing team places it on the line where it went out and then have 3 seconds to pass the ball in on the ground
  10. Walls or barriers must be 3 yards away from any kick-in
  11. All restarts are indirect and must be played on the ground (goal kicks, kick-ins, free kicks)
  12. No Jewelry shall be worn by players
  13. Parents are not allowed to raise their voices at players or refs and may cheer only (no GOOOO Bobby , MARK-UP or SHOOOT etc...)
  14. Coaches roles are to organize players, do subs and ensure players are playing with sportsmanship and respect
  15. The Keeper, from a goal kick, may roll the ball or pass on the ground with their foot
  16. The keeper may use their hands in the designated area, they may leave their area to play the ball with their feet
  17. Teams may pass the ball to keeper but they may not pick it up, indirect free kick if they do
  18. The other team must move behind the retreat line from any goal kick (1/3 of field away)
  19. If a team kicks the ball and it touches the ceiling, the opponents are awarded a ‘kick in’ from the touch line nearest to where the ball touched the ceiling
  20. Any arguing or disputing with the referees is ground for removal of game and possibly league
  21. Any violent or abusive act from a player or team towards another player or team is grounds for a lengthy suspension that will be determined at the sole discretion of the league’s board of directors
  22. There are no Offsides